YouTube Lesson For All Abilities.

Dear Pupils

Unfortunately it will not be possible to start one-to-one lessons until after Christmas. In the meantime I am continuing to give Zoom lessons from home. I know some of you have not had regular lessons for quite a few months, so I hope we can get back to normal in January. Here is a short lesson for all abilities to keep you occupied in December. If you would like a copy of the accompanying PDF please email me. Have a good Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Quaver Bass Drum Grooves. Foundation.

Here is a video for new pupils who are unable to have Zoom lessons during lockdown.  When you have mastered my Quaver Bass Drum exercises you need to start playing along to tracks using those rhythms.  I have put together some examples in one long video for you to practice along to. 

Don’t play any fills at this stage, just keep the grove going until the next track.  I can’t stress how important it is not to stop. You have mastered this track when you can play all the way through without any mistakes. 


Drum Lesson Videos

I’m sure like me, you are finding you have more time on your hands. If you are not able to take online lessons with me, you may be interested in one of the video lessons I have recorded.  They cover all abilities and include a PDF with the notation. 

If you are interested please let me know and I will email you the code to stream the video. If you are unsure which ones are suitable for you, please email me.  Please note.  These are for my pupils only.

Supersonic Worksheet for Beginners. Free

A coordination exercise based in quavers, played with the track Supersonic by Oasis.

Quaver Bass Drum Boot Camp. £5.00

Essential for all Grade One and Two students. Nine Quaver Bass Drum rhythms played slowly and then performed to one long backing track. Includes a PDF and MP3 track.

Semiquaver Bass Drum Boot Camp Part One   £5.00

All the semiquaver Bass Drum patterns from the first two pages of my exercises, played to a track. Starting at a slow tempo and working up to speed.   Includes a PDF and MP3 track.

Rudiment Bootcamp Part One. For Intermediate Players.   £5.00

Combining Rudiments to build a daily workout.   Includes a PDF

De Do Do Do Worksheet.    £5.00

A classic track from The Police. This one is a little faster than you think, plus an interesting half time feel in the verse. Includes a PDF.

Tuning and Dampening.    Free

Basic tuning concepts and how a roll of Gaffer tape is your best friend.

Are you sitting Comfortably ?   Free

A few tips on how to set up the drum kit to make it as easy as possible to play.

Royal Blood Worksheet £5.00

I slow down some of the tricky fills and grooves played by Ben Thatcher. Includes a PDF.

A Career in the Music Business

Keyboard player and MD John Maul is working on an educational project aimed at music students looking to make a career out of the Music Business . It will include helpful articles and informal interviews with professional musicians, giving candid advice on how to be a musician and survive as one.  To kick off, he has uploaded two interviews. Drummer – Barry Cook and Sax player – Jon Shennoy. Just click on the link below and press ‘play’. 

Educational Resources